Our Operations

Organizational Structure

Krapah Consulting Limited offers top-notch engineering services for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector. Our team comprises experts from various fields, ensuring we have the right skills to handle different projects in the industry. With our technical expertise, we aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness by adopting the latest technologies and streamlining our processes. Our advanced software and hardware allow us to provide faster, accurate, and reliable services to our clients.

We invest in the continuous development of our team to stay ahead of the competition. By providing ongoing training and development opportunities, we keep our personnel up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and trends. This approach ensures that our team is motivated, engaged, and equipped with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional client services.

In summary, Krapah Consulting Limited is a highly skilled and technically advanced team that delivers a wide range of Engineering Services for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector. We prioritize efficiency, growth, and development, enabling us to continue providing exceptional services to our clients and stay competitive in the industry.

Local Content Development Plan and Policy

Krapah Consulting prioritizes local content development to contribute to Ghana’s workforce growth by providing training and empowerment opportunities for our employees. We partner with local suppliers and sub-contractors for all services and supplies in Ghana to build a service company with a Ghanaian identity. Our procurement and logistics department follows best-practice policies and procedures to ensure efficient project procurement, leveraging synergies to source long lead items most efficiently.

To mitigate procurement risks, our Supply Chain Management (SCM) Team works closely with the client Services provider and construction team to ensure timely delivery of suitable materials without compromising quality or regulations. We employ local suppliers, sub-contractors, consultants, and professionals for all services and supplies readily available in Ghana, retaining a 100% Ghanaian workforce for all projects.

In case of specialized services requiring technical expertise not readily available in Ghana, our SCM Team has identified central procurement and logistics risks and developed mitigation strategies to avoid negative impacts on the project. Our Ghana Content and Engagement Plan (GCEP) outlines the use of Ghanaians for all labor works not requiring foreign expertise.

At Krapah Consulting, we are committed to efficient and ethical procurement processes that provide maximum value for the project. Our goal is to support the Ghanaian community and maintain a high level of quality in all our projects.